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Fear Not.

The Worry Fairy is here to comfort, support and uplift your little one , particuarly if they need a little reminder of the Magic of Life during a tricky or worrying time. 


The envelope: This truly magical letter is hand addressed, embossed, and finished with the finest gold foil. Your letter will arrive personalised to your child in hand written calligraphy with a very special Magic Stamp added to the envelope.


The Letter: The letter within is unique, it is written and adapted personally to your child and touches thoughtfully on their personal worry or heartbreak. We ask you to give us a little insight below so we can tailor the letter especially for your child. (We will not copy your wording word for word but will adapt it to fit in with the style of the letter overall) No two letters from the Worry Fairy are the same.


If your child's worry relates to a loss, a small white feather will also accompany their letter.


We create letters especially for little ones who have perhaps lost a grandparent and are feeling incredibly sad because of this, maybe it is a school worry or anxiety after such a tricky year over the course of the global pandemic... whatever it may be... It is the very important job of the Worry Fairy to comfort and instill the belief that Magic still exists and above all else, The Worry Fairy is with them ALWAYS.


The letter itself is gold embossed with our Department of Fairies Magical crest on textured, 260gsm cardstock for a luxury feel.


Midnight Magic Healing Stardust

Alongside your letter you have the option to add a vial of 'Midnight Magic Healing Stardust'

This keep sake vial contains some special hand-picked stardust from the Worry Fairy which she delivers alongside the letter. To be used in circumstances where healing is needed, the Worry Fairy encourages you to sprinkle a tiny amount of stardust under your pillow, or on your bedside table and when the clock strikes midnight, the magical healing enchantment will take place. There is enough 'Stardust' to last a good few nights ahead.


a sweet little ritual to comfort and remind your little one that they are never alone and we, and the fairies, are always on their side helping to heal their worries and heartache.


A little note from the Worry Fairy is included within the box to remind them how wonderful and precious they are and a reminder to keep on smiling.

Please note that outer golden packet envelopes are now an optional extra.


Our Letters have been very carefully designed for parents/guardians to check everything is perfect before giving to your child. Please make sure to do this with every order.

Envelopes are designed with a slot to the back for discreetly checking what lies within and re-sealing. Please always address the postage of the letter when ordering to you, the Adult, on arrival double check the personalisation of the letter for spellings etc. and then the exciting bit... deliver by Magic to your child on their special day.

A Letter from The Worry Fairy


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