Inside this special matchbox lies a very special vial.

What lies within is The Worry Fairy's special blend; handpicked midnight magic healing stardust.

A simple pinch of this magical dust under your pillow at night or sprinkled on your bed side table, will help to heal worries. When the clock strikes midnight a special enchantment will supercharge magical protection during worrying times to comfort and charm your little one during tricky times.


PLEASE NOTE: This Vial contains small pieces and is made from glass. It must always be used with parental supervision and is not suitable for small children.


Magic Stardust comprises of Ultra Sparkle Glitter:

Fade Resistant
Child Safe & Non Toxic
Vegan & Cruelty Free


The stardust is accompanied by a small note from the worry fairy on how to use the Magic Stardust and details of the Midnight Magic Enchantment. 

Midnight Magic Healing Stardust

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