Our incredibly precious, velvet finish heirloom box is finally here.


Uniquely and intricately made to last a life time, this forever, bespoke and magical heirloom box has been created to house your childs entire collection of Magical letters collating an entire childhood of Magical celebrations and milestones. It is designed to keep your childs precious collection of Christmas letters, and also Fairy milestones such as their first lost tooth and letters from The Easter Bunny if you wish, collected throughout these first magical years. (We will also be using it to house letters from ourselves to our children through the years)


It may also be used as a truly Magical Christmas Eve Box or to house a very special gift if you wish.


Wrapped entirely in plush grey velvet (softer than a bunny rabbit) and finished with gold foil, ribons and tassels, the outer box reads 'Magic Lies Within'.


Upon opening the inside liner presents a quote about Believing, finished in gold foil, 

"If you believe in MAGIC you will find it" - Father Christmas. 


Your letters will then lie within the plush velvet insert and be kept in place with your tasseled ribbon used to lift the magical letters from the box within. This is the perfect home for an entire childhood collection of magic moments and an heirloom gift built to last a lifetime.


*IMPORTANT* This item is pre-order and will arrive in December 


Box Dimensions are made to perfectly to fit our letters and are as follows: 


265 x 195 x 70mm


You can choose to order the box on its own or together with a very special telegram from The Departments of Magic. This Telegram is presented on very special archival-quality Mohawk 600gsm Superfine cardstock with white seams. The telegram will be hand scribed with your childs name and you can add the year the telegram has been issued - you may choose the year your child was born or this year if you prefer. 


*Please Note*: Due to popular demand, we will be offering backdated letters in 2022 if you are missing a few from your collection.


*IMPORTANT* This item is pre-order and will arrive in December 

My Magical Collection Heirloom Box and Magic Telegram