Research shows that if you are bursting with worries, one of the best things you can do is write them down. Release those stored up worries from the inner corners of your mind and hand them over to the Worry Fairy.

Writing about your worries and heartache can help lift a huge weight off your little ones shoulders leaving them lighter and more hopeful, particuarly when you put these worries in the hands of the Worry Fairy and the Universe, a little reminder that you are never dealing with your troubles alone.

(This idea is certainly not just for children; this is just as helpful for grown ups too!)


Our charming letter set comes with everything you need to create the ultimate magical letter to send off your worries.


Within this set you will  find:

  • Hand scribed and embossed Worry Fairy envelope with official lining.
  • Magical Stamp to ensure this letter reaches all the right magical places.
  • Illustrated Letterhead - on white textured 270gsm cardstock.
  • A couple of extra magical adornments, gold star, postcard and sticker for sealing.
  • Packaged in a cloudy translucent envelope, finished with ribbon.


PLEASE ORDER IN PLENTY OF TIME / IN ADVANCE - Personalised letters take up to two weeks to dispatch so please pre-order with plenty of time before the big day.


Our Letters have been very carefully designed for parents/guardians to check everything is perfect before giving to your child. Please make sure to do this with every order.

Envelopes are designed with a slot to the back for discreetly checking what lies within and re-sealing. Please always address the postage of the letter to the Adult, on arrival double check the personalisation of the letter for spellings etc. and then the exciting bit... deliver by Magic to your child on their special day.

Write away your Worries Set - A Letter TO the Worry Fairy

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