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(Frequently Asked Magical Questions)

Is the Easter Bunny letter Personalised?

Yes, it sure is. You have the option to write your full address, the real one or a fun, whimsical one and the letter within will also be addressed personally to your child. Unlike the Christmas letter, this particularly letter does not include additional, specific achievements etc. We save that for the Department of Elves!

Is the Magic Egg Chocolate?

Yes, it sure is, a magic chocolate egg. Please make sure to read allergen information before ordering. If your child has a dietary requirement just let us know and we can leave the egg out if you wish to include your own egg within, we will include all other parts for you. And well, there is a few volunteers here happy to make light work of the golden egg :)

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do but please keep an eye on last ordering dates for International orders - these close a fair bit before UK last order dates.

Can I order an Easter Activity box for 3 or more children?

Sure, drop us a message and we will see what we can do.

I have two children, what Father Christmas letters should I order?

You have a couple of options, you can order the Personalised letter from Father Christmas for your eldest and then the Sibling edition for your younger sibling. Both letters will be completely different and entirely unique for each child. Alternatively, you may order one Personalised letter from Father Christmas and add both names and they can share one letter between them.

I have four children, can I get them all in one letter?

This is possible, just pop all 4 names in and I will accommodate them for you, please note in order to include all four children we may have to lose a sentence here or there from the original letter.

Can I have a backdated letter?

We are hoping to create backdated letters in 2022, sign up to our newsletter and/or follow us on instagram for an update when these will be available.

How does the letter arrive?

Your letter/s will arrive in a discreet package through the letter box, the magical letter lies within. This gives you complete control over when and where your child has that special moment of finding it. And you get to have a sneak peak too! *Please remember to double check your letter for any spelling mistakes before giving to your little one*

Can I see the letter before my Child?

Yes of Course – we use a gold sticker to semi seal your childs letter, it can easily (but carefully) be peeled open. We encourage you to do this to double check all is well with spelling etc. We know accidents can happen no matter how hard we try! You may also want to jot a note of your own, this too is of course a lovely touch.

What do I do with my childs letter ‘TO’ Father Christmas once it has been written?

Some lovely choices include (but are not limited to) placing the letter underneath the Christmas tree, next to your childs bed before falling asleep, on the mantlepiece above the fireplace, or even on the front doorstep. You may like to explain to your child that the owls KNOW where to find your letter for retrieval and delivery back to the elves at Lunar Mail HQ.

Can I put my childs letter to Father Christmas in the post?

No, please do not post these letters in to a post box.

Parents – The magic of these letters is to keep them safe, safer than safe, never to be found – until adulthood of course where the beauty of their magic will come alive once again! We find a secret dash to retrieve them once your child is asleep is the best way. Keep them in a special box with every year that goes by and boy oh boy what a sweet surprise in years to come.

Does Father Christmas send these letters world wide?

Yes, of course, Father wouldn’t miss a child – from England to New Zealand and every where in between. We do have to close overseas orders much sooner than UK orders unfortunately, this is to make sure they arrive in time.

Can I personalise the letter from Father Christmas?

Within Father Christmas’ letter he will address it to your child specifically, he will mention their Christmas list and something they have achieved this year so each and every letter is different.

Can I choose a different coloured envelope for my letter?

Unfortunately, Father Christmas has his final say every year as to the design of his letter – which every year is slightly different – we wouldn’t want to question his judgement. 

Is the full Father Christmas letter handwritten?

All envelopes are hand addressed by a professional calligrapher with old fashioned ink. Letters within are printed but incredibly special none the less. 

Can my letter within be hand scribed too?

This is possible – but please contact us directly to discuss a bespoke cost.

Can you produce a letter with my own text?

This is of course possible – please select our blank stationary set where you can write your own handwritten letter. This set comes with every special detail as per our other letters, however the writing within the letter will still be your own and will arrive with no text.

Do I use our home address or a make believe address?

Whichever you prefer. We certainly recommend getting creative and personal with your addresses. We have been astonished with some of the sweetest addresses so far which is either a home, a description of their bedroom, the tree, Lapland – if that is where they will be opening it! We leave that up to you – however we do ask for a maximum 100 character limit. This enables us to fit the address tidily on to the envelope and keep it looking special.

I have more than one child, will their letters be different?

Yes, each letter is addressed to and contains personal information about every child. The general 'story' remains the same but details included will differ slightly from little human to little human.

I have a special and specific request for a Father Christmas letter, is it possible to discuss this?

Whilst we unfortunately have to limit special requests at this busy time of year, please get in touch with any special circumstances and we will discuss any potential for producing a bespoke letter where possible. 

Where should I leave the Father Christmas letter?
Many like to leave the letter under the tree on Christmas eve, in a Christmas eve box, or even at the beginning of advent. Whichever you prefer – Take a picture of your exciting ideas – we would love to see!

I have made a spelling mistake in my Childs name, help!
If you notice any issues regarding spelling please contact us straight away so we can get this rectified as soon as possible. Thank goodness you checked it – phew.


Can I add more than one name to the activity boxes?

Yes of course, be mindful the longer then name the smaller the text so naturally names may look very small if we add to many.

Can I change the letter to say 'Santa Claus' as opposed to Father Christmas?

Yes of course - Please just add this to the notes when ordering and we will be sure to make the change for you.


We are an honoured and official partner to the Tooth Fairy, and fairies who handle all manner of special occasions and life events. Bringing magic to every day life is the job of our fairies and boy oh boy do they do it unlike any other.

Are these letters personalised? 

Yes, all fairy letters are personalised on the envelope and the letter within is also addressed to your child.

Can I add more than one name to a fairy letter?

While we would be happy to, unfortunately these letters are on the smaller side and so we recommend a maximum of ten letters for these - any more and it does look a bit squished on!

Can I order a completely bespoke letter?

Yes you can, and we would be happy to discuss this with you. Just contact us directly to chat about your requirements.

I need it sooner - is this possible?

Unfortunately this isn't always possible - If you need a letter quickly, please message us first as we will see what we can do.

Are fairy letters available all year round?

Yes, unlike Christmas and Easter - Fairy letters are available all year round. Long Live the Magic!

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