How does all this magic work?

Here at Lunar Mail we are solely responsible for the distribution of all manner of Magical letters. This includes letters to and from Father Christmas, fairies, bunnies and angels across the globe. Lunar Mail HQ (the enchanted castle) is situated on the moon and we use owls by way of transporting magical letters to and from Magical Departments. Your letters are sent to us from Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy to be stamped, embossed and sprinkled with magic before being delivered back down to earth, by Magic. All magical letters are hand scribed and really are something out of the ordinary, we simply ask for some distinctive details for each child to ensure that no two letters are the same.

The department of Elves 








Letters to Father Christmas  - 

If chosen and ordered, the process begins by delivering a letter set to Father Christmas for children to write their magical letters to Father Christmas. This includes everything you need to create a magical letter and that includes the all important WISH LIST. Our hand addressed set makes this task a pretty special one, so why not make it a big deal – get the tree up, egg nog on (parents only!) and those all important Christmas songs in the background. Whip up a special memory and keepsake; I can assure you a collection of these letters over time is quite the precious (and sometimes rather funny) token.

It is mostly common practice to leave your letter to Santa under the Christmas tree – where it will magically disappear overnight - collected by an elf and delivered straight to Father Christmas, via the moon. 

Parents note: These letters must NEVER be found again – until adulthood of course.

Letters from Father Christmas - 

Of course, no child is missed by Father Christmas and thus the big man replies without delay, to each and every wish letter with his superbly enchanting Personalised Father Christmas Letter.

With the personal details provided for each child, Father Christmas will lovingly create his very important letter for the elves to check, emboss, stamp and deliver. No letter too long, no letter too far.

For additional letters or letters wishing to be handwritten by parents you have the option to buy letter sets to create your own – equally as special of course. This letter is very much personalised for your child.

The Arrival of your Magical Letter -

The elves here take great care in disguising this magical letter should it arrive before the chosen date of receival, The letter/s will arrive in a discreet postal envelope for parents to handle before the magic is revealed. Magical envelopes lie within. It is then the job of the grown ups to decide when and how your child receives their letter. It could be the start of advent or Christmas eve for example – perhaps your Childs magical letter will be found just sitting there, in the Christmas tree or by the fire, as if by magic? 



We are an honoured and official partner to the Tooth Fairy, and fairies who handle all manner of special occasions and life events. Bringing magic to every day life is the job of our fairies and boy oh boy will this be worth the wait, we think you'll agree. 

A Magical Subscription service - 

Magical fairy letters delivered monthly by different fairies, telling personal adventurous stories, across the globe will spread magic all year long. This super exciting subscription service will be launching in 2021. A seriously exciting hobby and keepsake for little ones and a wonderful way to keep snail mail truly alive and a little time off modern technology when it arrives!

 A Magical letter in the post each month to look out for – what could be more exciting?!

Chief Lunar Fairy Matilda Thunkurk is very excited to share much more about this special adventure with you soon into the new year. We hope you will join us for what is going to be a very exciting journey!