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The Lunar Mail Story

Here on the cool magical moon lies the rather majestic Lunar Mail headquarters – The chief sorting office for all manner of magical letters.

Letters arrive to us from the North Pole from Father Christmas, fairies, Bunnies, angels and magical folk across the globe. (Yes – EVEN Antarctica) Magical - we know.  Here at headquarters we have three main departments, one being the magical department of Elves, the magical department of Fairies and the magical department of Bunnies. Letters are transported immaculately around headquarters by our sensational and spectacularly organised Lunar Owls.

We receive personal letters written from Father Christmas, magical fairies and bunnies for the distribution to very important little people on planet earth. It is the job of our departments to check, emboss and stamp each and every letter and then our honourable duty to deliver these nuggets of magic to children, throughout the world. Each individual letter includes personal details specific to every precious child and is magically delivered by an assigned elf, fairy or owl with real life magic. We are proud and honoured to work only with letters of magical origin and for very special recipients.

Pretty special isn’t it? 

A Little about our Creator

As an illustrator and writer, it has been a dream of mine for quite some time to combine my two passions with my third - a little magic in life. After my second daughter was born I decided now was the time; I wanted them to experience as much magic in life as possible and with that - as many other children I can reach out to also. I am in love with the idea that over time, children will be able to experience truly magical traditions cherishing a complete collection of personal letters to keep, treasure and look back on for years to come - an heirloom collection. Toys come and go - and whilst some are truly fabulous - a little Christmas magic and sentiment is something that will linger forever; in the heart. 

I wanted to create letters that were not just words on paper, but something that truly feels like magic, something out of the ordinary and I felt that I couldn't find what I was looking for, so indeed I created it myself. The vision was to create a very special and lasting gift for all magical letters from one special place, and I am delighted to say I think I have achieved just that with Lunar Mail.

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