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Experience a Touch of True Magic 

Here at Lunar Mail we lovingly create unique, personalised and hand finished magical letters and gifts. Working closely with Father Christmas, fairies and bunnies alike, we create precious keepsakes for very special little people. It is our job, and honour, to bring a touch of magic to the hearts and minds of little believers across the world with our collectable letters, intricately and uniquely designed for each and every child. 



How Does it work?

Here on the cool, magical moon lies the majestic Lunar Mail Headquarters – The chief sorting office for all magical letters. We have three main departments here; the magical department of elves, the magical department of fairies and the magical department of Bunnies.

Our Magical departments work year round delivering personalised letters from Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, the tooth Fairy, birthday fairies and even the worry fairy; to name a few. All we ask is for a few little details from you to ensure every letter is unique to each child. These Magical letters are hand addressed, stamped and embossed before being sprinkled with a touch of magic and a wish, it is only then that they are signed off for delivery, igniting a sense of true magic to your special occasions. 

'This just made me cry.

It's soooo Magical, thank you so much for

making my day'

- Fearne Cotton


The Magical Department of Fairies



Here at Lunar Mail Fairy HQ we are entrusted by the Chief Fairies to hand finish and deliver magical letters to children all over the world. Our team of entrusted fairies receive bundles of letters daily from the Tooth Fairy, the Birthday Fairy, the Worry Fairy, the Baby Fairy and the Love Fairy for us to stamp, emboss and sprinkle with a final touch of Lunar magic before dispatch back down to earth. Once checked and checked again, your letters are signed off by our chief Fairy, Matilda Thunkurke, these special letters are then ready to be delivered... by magic of course.

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