Our charming letter set comes with everything you need to create the ultimate magical Love Letter. Choose between a blank, illustrated letterhead ready for your hand-written words or simply add your letter below and we will print it for you.

Both options include a name in hand written calligraphy on the envelope.


Please note: All letters ordered to be printed will be printed EXACTLY as you provide them. Please take extra care to check all spellings before ordering. We may be unable to make changes once the order has reached us and we have begun working on your letter.


Within this write your own set you will find:

  • Hand scribed, embossed and gold foiled envelope 
  • Magical Stamp for delivering by Magic
  • Illustrated Letterhead - on white textured  270gsm cardstock.
  • A couple of extra magical adornments, gold star, postcard and sticker for sealing.
  • Packaged in a cloudy translucent envelope and tied with ribbon.


If you opt for a 'print my words' letter - the letter will be put together in its entirity. 


PLEASE ORDER IN PLENTY OF TIME / IN ADVANCE - Personalised letters take up to two weeks to dispatch so please pre-order with plenty of time before the big day.


Our Letters have been very carefully designed for parents/guardians to check everything is perfect before giving to your child. Please make sure to do this with every order.

Envelopes are designed with a slot to the back for discreetly checking what lies within and re-sealing. Please always address the postage of the letter to the Adult, on arrival double check the personalisation of the letter for spellings etc. and then the exciting bit... deliver by Magic to your child on their special day.

Write a Love Letter - With the Love Fairy