★ 'twas the nigth before Christmas; not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse ★


A World First from Father Christmas and boy, we are not afraid to say - it is nothing shy of spectacular. 

This Year, we understand Father Christmas wanted to ignite a sense of elevated Magic more so than ever before. It is time to start believing again and to enjoy the enchanting Magic of Christmas to the fullest.


With this in mind, this year Father Christmas has gone one step further, on Christmas Eve night a letter will appear, most likely tucked in your tree, and it will be unmissable - for it will quite literally be found glowing like a light in the dark - as if by Magic. This letter celebrates the achievement of making the 'Exceedingly nice list'.


Your letters special glow properties have been professionally finished with 3 layers of specialist, high end glow paint (clever elves!). The words and even small tiny details will all glow enabling your children to unmistakably spot this letter in the dark, perhaps after bath time, to a truly magical and cosy Christmas Eve experience unlike no other.


This incredibly special letter has been made by hand, illustrated, gold foiled and finished with glow in the dark specialist paint. It is then adorned with the Magic stamp from Father Christmas to ensure safe delivery, by Magic. 


This letter has space for a name/names up to 20 characters.



Mummies, Daddies, Guardians, Grand Parents, elves in charge listen up!

Kindly help Father Christmas with the following:


Your letter needs to 'charge' and see bright light to perform its best on the evening so your very important job is to make sure it is bathed in light in the run up to the big event. It may take a moment or two for your eyes to adjust from a brighter space but when they do... whoa it is special! 


  • The letter within does not glow.
  • The glow from this letter will be bright for 1-2 hours whilst in the dark.



Please potentially allow 3+ weeks for delivery of personalised letters during the busy Christmas period; it may even be longer.

We can accomodate up to 3 children on the letter within


Within this letter parcel you will find:

  • Luxury midnight blue, textured, hand finished envelope and finished professionally with glow ink. The Letter is hand scribed with gold Ink.
  • Magical Stamp for 2021 adorning envelope
  • Gold Foil touches to front and back of envelope
  • Father Christmas' Official letter - Illustrated and gold heat embossed on 270gsm textured card.
  • Mini Wooden Gold Star
  • Delivered in a pure gold butterfly envelope with a keepsake 'I believe in Magic' postcard.


This letter/order of letters will also arrive with a copy of this years 'Christmas Chronicles - Department of Elves special'



The GLOW in the Dark Christmas Eve Letter - From Father Christmas