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★ From the Desk of Father Christmas ★


Imagine a truly enchanting, hand scribed and personalised letter from Father Christmas arriving on your doorstep - as if by Magic.

This letter is perfect to give at any point on the run up to Christmas for a children on the exceedingly nice list. The letter is thoughtfully written, accomodating up to 4 children per letter if you wish to combine them.


This incredibly special letter has been made by hand, illustrated and finished with gold.  It is then adorned with the Magic stamp from Father Christmas to ensure safe delivery, by Magic. 


You are in charge of what is written on the envelope. Set Letter envelopes include a handwritten name in calligraphy.



Please allow a long lead time at christmas, this may be 4 weeks, potentially longer, but all orders will arrive in before Christmas.

We can accomodate up to 4 children in one letter as a family.


Within this letter parcel you will find:

  • Luxury Itlalian made paper, textured, hand folded bespoke envelope,  hand scribed with vintage sepia Ink
  • Magical Stamp for 2022 adorning envelope
  • Gold embossed touches to envelope
  • Father Christmas' Official letter - Illustrated on 270gsm textured card.
  • This letter will also recieve a free copy of this years 'Christmas Chronicles - Department of Elves special' 



SET Letter from Father Christmas (Include up to 4 children)

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